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Hamdan Award for Medical Research Excellence
Through the ages, observation and research have been the prime building blocks on which biological advancement and discoveries and invention have been made. Scientific study of diseases over several hundreds of years has resulted in the wide range of sophisticated techniques used today for diagnosis, treatment and research. Research is essential if progress is to continue to occur.
Hamdan Award for Medical Research Excellence is an award given to 3 different individuals each in a selected field of medicine. These individuals are honored for the innovative methods and research that resulted in novel discoveries and inventions, which have made an enormous impact in their fields. This award has been established to honor and recognize the contributions of distinguished researchers whose works have positively affected thousands of lives globally.
The topics for the year 2017-2018 are:
• Rheumatological Disorders
• Othopedics
• Orthopedic Mechanics
The prize amount is AED 300,000/- (AED three hundred thousand only) (Approx.US$ 81,000) to be awarded to 3 winners each receiving AED 100,000/- (AED One hundred thousand only) (Approx.US$ 27,000).
Rules and Regulations
Nominations should include the following:
  1. A letter from a nominating body supporting the nomination.
  2. Typed current Curriculum Vitae detailing the nominee's academic background, experience and previous positions, and listing all published work.
  3. The nominee's office and home mailing addresses, including telephones, fax, and e-mail.
  4. Description of the nominated research work (Please highlight the aspects of work that indicate the relevance to the Award objectives)
  5. Justification for nomination (Please provide evidence showing that the nominated work is scientifically outstanding and has had substantially benefited humans. Include all supporting evidence such as copies of peer reviews, external reports, and citations.)
  6. Submitted work must be original (Please attach other relevant publications)
  7. Previous awards, honors, or recognition received for nominated work (please state the name, nature, source, and date of each).
  8. Five copies of the whole dossier
  9. 3 recent colour photographs
  • One or more individuals who worked together in a nominated work can apply for the Award.
  • A review article on the nominated work (not to exceed 5000 words) should also be submitted with the application and shall be published in the Hamdan Medical Journal (unawarded work may also be published). A letter transferring copyright to the Hamdan Medical Journal and signed by all authors should accompany the application.
  • No nomination papers or work shall be returned to the applicants whether or not the nominee wins the Award.
  • The last date for receiving the complete nomination is 31st January, 2018.
  • The Executive Office of the Award reserves the right to grant the award to more than one person in the appropriate category and also reserves the right to change or alter any conditions without stating the reasons.
  • The winner in each category shall deliver a lecture on the topic, a print version of the presentation not to exceed 1500 words at the "10th Dubai International Conference for Medical Sciences" which will be held during December, 2018.
  • The winner's name(s) shall be announced in a Press conference held in Dubai during September 2018 and the Award shall be presented in an official ceremony to be held in Dubai in December, 2018.
  • The Award shall consist of:
  1. A trophy carrying the winner's name.
  2. A certificate in the winner's name containing the Award winning subject of the work.
  3. A total sum of AED Three hundred thousand (AED 300,000) (Approx. US$ 82,000) to be awarded equally to 3 winners.
  • The winners shall be provided with return business class ticket, accommodation and visa to attend the Award Presentation Ceremony & Conference.
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