Closing of the 6th Biennial Emirates Physiotherapy Conference 06 May 2018

Yesterday marked the closing of the 6th Biennial Emirates Physiotherapy Conference, at the headquarters of the Emirates Medical Association and Latifa Hospital. 4 workshops and took place hosting over 65 participants. Dr. Bill Vicenzino, Professor of Sports Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland, Australia, led a workshop presenting research on shoulder and ankle tendinopathies. He has a body of research comprising over 200 peer-reviewed publications, 2 book chapters, 35 book chapters. He is accompanied by Dr. Alison Grimaldi, Sports Physiotherapist Adjunct at the Australian Physiotherapy Association.


Conference Chairman Dr. Amal Al shamlan, commented: “Our second workshop focused on effective and appropriate therapeutic practices in the field of sports physiotherapy and will offer training on the diagnosis and treatment of muscle and tissue disorders. Rehabilitation is one of the most important focuses of these workshops - as sports physiotherapists, we aim to help athletes recover quickly and fully from their injuries and want to avoid them from reoccurring.


She added: “This workshop will be delivered by Dr. Nicola Phillips, Professor of Physiotherapy at the University of Cardiff, who has had extensive experience working with athletes in the Olympic and Commonwealth Games. She has several publications in the field of sports injury and rehabilitation, particularly in the diagnosis and treatment of knee injuries.”


Chairperson Naima Saleh added: “Dr. Eleanor Main, Professor of Physiotherapy at University College London, and researcher in cardiorespiratory physiotherapy will be holding a pediatric cardiorespiratory physiotherapy workshop for physicians and nurses.”


“Our last workshop will introduce attendees to the Bayley III, an assessment of developmental functioning in infants and children aged 1-42 months. Physicians learning the Bayley III will become familiar with assessing cognitive, canguage and motor functioning, as well as social emotional and adaptive behavior. This workshop will be led by Dr. Betty Hutchon, Head of Children’s Occupational Therapy for the Royal Free London NHS Trust and Consultant Neurodevelopmental Therapist at University College London Hospital.”


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