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Under the Patronage of Hamdan Medical Award,‎ ‎7th MEIDAM to take place this September 01 September 2022
Dubai-1st of September 2022: Under the patronage of the Sheikh ‎Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Medical Sciences, the ‎seventh edition of the Middle East International Dermatology and ‎Aesthetic Medicine Conference and Exhibition (MEIDAM) will be held ‎from the 23rd to the 25th of September 2022 at the Intercontinental ‎Festival City Hotel in Dubai.‎
MEIDAM offers a platform to present the latest developments in the field ‎of dermatology and aesthetic medicine and to review the latest ‎technologies, experiences, and innovations from all over the world, ‎through the meeting of leading specialists in the field of dermatology and ‎aesthetic medicine. In addition, the scientific program of the conference ‎will include a rich mix of lectures and workshops.‎
Dr. Khalid Al Nuaimi, President of the Conference, said: "The seventh ‎edition of the conference will witness an advanced and unique forum ‎and will provide a great opportunity for discussions between researchers ‎and doctors from all over the world. It facilitates sharing of the latest ‎findings of scientists and research specialists in the fields of dermatology, ‎dermatology, and aesthetic medicine.”‎
He added, "The scientific program of the conference includes six parallel ‎scientific programs, in the presence and participation of the World ‎Health Organization, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner ‎for Refugees, the humanitarian partner of the conference, and the ‎participation of all dermatological associations and associations in the ‎Arab world and from the Middle East region and the world."‎
Some of these associations, such as the Lebanese Society of ‎Dermatology, the Saudi Society of Dermatology, the Moroccan Society ‎of Dermatology, and the Indian Society of Dermatology, will also ‎participate in official scientific programs within the scientific program of ‎the conference.‎
The conference will also be attended by the President-elect of the ‎American Academy of Dermatology, representatives of the European ‎Academy of Dermatology and the Vice President of the British Royal ‎College of Physicians from the United Kingdom.‎
The conference will also witness the announcement of the launch of ‎several medications, cosmetics, and modern devices in the treatment of ‎diseases and skin care, which will be launched for the first time in the ‎Middle East region after the approval of the Ministry of Health and ‎Prevention.‎
There is also a full academic-scientific day preceding the conference, that ‎will be dedicated to the training of new doctors by a constellation of ‎distinguished scientists specialized in the field of dermatology and ‎cosmetology. This will be organized in cooperation with officials of ‎training and residency programs from the Gulf Cooperation Council ‎countries and the rest of the Arab countries, with the full support of the ‎Middle East organization for Dermatology.‎
To encourage scientific research in the Middle East, a scientific ‎competition has been held to identify the best scientific research in ‎dermatology that has been published in international medical journals ‎and journals with high scientific evaluation and filtered by international ‎arbitrators. The top ten winners are invited to present their research in a ‎scientific workshop during the scientific program, in the presence of the ‎heads of dermatological associations and associations in the Middle East. ‎In-kind prizes will be presented to the first winners.‎
Dr. Khaled Al-Nuaimi pointed out that scientific partnerships have ‎increased in the 7th edition of the conference. The conference includes ‎the presence of more than 214 scientific speakers from different ‎countries of the world, presenting 218 scientific lectures, 46 discussion ‎sessions, 13 seminars, 33 practical clinical workshops, in addition to a ‎scientific workshop, a scientific course, and a scientific academic day ‎dedicated to doctors trained. More than 2,200 participants from ‎different countries of the world were registered to attend the ‎conference.‎
His Excellency Abdullah bin Souqat, Executive Director of the Sheikh ‎Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Medical Sciences, said that ‎the late Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum was keen to support the ‎conference to be a global platform that attracts specialists in the field of ‎dermatology and international associations from all over the world.‎
He added, " We have been able to achieve a large part of that vision and ‎we will continue based on the approach drawn by the late Sheikh ‎Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum." ‎
His Excellency Abdullah bin Souqat praised the scientific program of the ‎conference. He also stressed that support for the conference for the 7th ‎year in a row is the result of the Award’s confidence in the research ‎papers presented by the conference and its distinguished scientific ‎program, which meets the criteria set by the Award to support medical ‎conferences, which ultimately aim to improve scientific research and the ‎health sector, whether inside or outside the country.‎