The "MEIDAM" conference and exhibition witnesses the introduction of new biological treatments for ‎the treatment of genetic eczema 24 September 2022
The Seventh Middle East International Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine ‎Conference & Exhibition “MEIDAM” witnessed the launch of a number of new drugs and treatments ‎of chronic skin diseases, in addition to the latest laser devices, which are expected to gain widespread ‎popularity by dermatologists and laser centers.‎
Dr. Khaled Al-Nuaimi, Consultant Dermatologist & Laser Surgeon, and President of the Conference, ‎said that due to the importance of the conference and the Dubai market in relation to the Gulf ‎markets, major international companies have introduced their latest treatments for psoriasis and ‎alopecia areata, in addition to new biological treatments for genetic eczema, in addition to a large ‎number of the latest laser devices during it.‎
Regarding the cosmetic market in the Gulf countries, Dr. Saad AlSogair, Secretary General & Treasurer ‎of "MEIDAM", said that there are several elements that made the Gulf countries a preferred ‎destination for many nationalities to perform cosmetic operations, as they provide the latest devices ‎and treatment techniques, and attract experienced medical professionals, international standards, ‎and strict control by health authorities in the application of international standards.‎
The components also included the provision of comprehensive tourism packages that include hotel ‎discounts and accommodation facilities, the availability of a wide network of major medical institutions ‎that have obtained an international accreditation certificate, the competitive prices of the services ‎provided, the short period for obtaining them, and the safe, tolerant, multicultural environment.‎
He pointed out that liposuction, fat removal, and body sculpting are among the most popular surgical ‎cosmetic procedures, both men and women, of various Arab nationalities, as well as rhinoplasty, and ‎face-lifting by surgical and non-surgical methods that rely on injections of filler and Botox materials.‎
He explained that the revenues of the cosmetic sector in the countries of the region have recently ‎increased by between 30 and 35%, compared to the past five years, despite the presence of the ‎pandemic and its obstacles.‎
Dr. Saad attributed the reasons behind this great development that occurred in this sector in the Gulf ‎countries to the constantly increasing number of people, especially middle-class residents, who are ‎the most active group in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic surgeries, as well as the availability of the ‎latest Devices, doctors and medical competencies.‎
He explained that the control of health authorities in the countries of the region over doctors' permits ‎and medical licenses for facilities in a thoughtful manner and with accurate specifications, based on ‎high international standards, contributed to raising the quality of operations and reducing erroneous ‎practices, which encouraged people to choose the UAE as a place for plastic surgery.‎
Regarding the surgeries in demand in the recent period, Dr. Saad stated that the operations of body ‎sculpting and filling the different parties, whether with fillers or using the body's own fat, are the most ‎common operations, noting that Arab nationalities are the most popular to undergo plastic surgery of ‎this and other types.‎
Moreover, a meeting was held between the President of the American Academy of Dermatology and ‎the Royal College of Physicians with the heads of Arab and foreign societies participating in the ‎conference. They discussed the importance and necessity of focusing on training new doctors to ‎provide them with practical experience and skills. It was also agreed to launch a treatment protocol on ‎how to deal with acne in the body, after extracting the results of the latest scientific research, the ‎focus was also placed on the need to conduct medical research, specifically in the Middle East, based ‎on the request of the World Health Organization.‎