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Dubai hosts the 8th Emirates Physiotherapy Conference 09 October 2022
Under the patronage of Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Award for Medical ‎Science, the Emirates Physiotherapy Society will holds the 8th Emirates Physiotherapy ‎Conference over two days (15th and 16th October) at The Conrad Hotel Dubai. The conference is ‎supported by the Dubai Health Authority, The Dubai Economic and Tourism Department, ‎Emirates Health Services, The University of Sharjah, and Gulf Medical College Dubai,  ‎
The conference will host 6 keynote speakers who are expertise in the field of physiotherapy and ‎rehabilitation; from the following countries Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Denmark, Ireland, United ‎Kingdom, and United States, who will exchange their expertise with the delegates. ‎
‎ The chairperson of the physiotherapy societies or their representatives from GCC, Arabic ‎Countries and Ascian pacific and representative of the world physiotherapy Drs. Emma Stok and ‎Tracy Bury, deputy Chief executive of the World Physiotherapy will also participate in the ‎conference. Alongside the conference there will be 15 exhibitors in the field Physiotherapy and ‎Rehabilitation exhibition presenting the latest technology. ‎
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The Chairperson of the Scientific Committees Amal AlShamlan stated that conference focus will ‎health issues related to musculoskeletal disorders, chronic pain, and sport injuries. She added ‎that these topics are the focus of the conference since the Musculoskeletal disorders including ‎back, neck, knee, shoulder, and heel pain. A study published in 2021 showed that back and neck ‎pain are among first cause of pain to visit family physicians and specialists, and other ‎musculoskeletal disorders and injuries are third or fouth cause of visiting family physicians and ‎specialists. ‎
For example, 95% of the people at least will have one episode of back in their life of which 15% ‎suffer from recurrent or continuous back pain. A study in 2018 in the United Kingdom revealed ‎that 47.5% of the visit to the General practitioner were related to shoulder pain. ‎
The conference will also discuss sport related brain concussion and issues related to balance ‎after concussion, and latest update in rehabilitation of the patient after recovering from the ‎concussion.‎
The conference will hold 6 workshops at The Emirates Medical Association (3 preconference ‎related to back and neck pain, knee pain, and sport injuries, and post conference workshop ‎related for shoulder pain/rotator cuff tendinopathies, heal pain and management in practice, ‎and vestibular rehabilitation after sports related concussion)‎
All the participants will obtain continuous medical education hours from Emirates Health ‎Services (MoH).  ‎
Ninty nine (99) abstracts were submitted for presentations and posters from UAE and other ‎countries including GCC, neighboring countries and Europe. ‎
The conference will also include a panel discussion on advancing physiotherapy practice in the ‎UAE and the region. ‎
Naima Saleh the Chairperson of the 8th Emirates Physiotherapy Conference and President of ‎the Emirates Physiotherapy Society stated that advocating for evidenced based practices and ‎advancing the physiotherapy practice in the UAE is one of the main aims of the Society since its ‎inception in 2003. To achieve this goal, EPS has adopted continuous education program through ‎conducting conferences and workshops. The first Emirates Physiotherapy Conference was held ‎in 2006 and the 2022 conference is the 8th Emirates Physiotherapy Conference, usually attended ‎by 400 to 450 delegates from the UAE, and neighboring countries. One of the contributing ‎factors that UAE win the World Physiotherapy Congress in 2023 is the success of the Emirates ‎Physiotherapy Conferences, after going through competitive bids. ‎
It important to know that physiotherapy as a discipline is one of the pivot specialties in the field ‎of the healthcare for treating and rehabilitating patients of all ages. It’s important to know that ‎physiotherapy has variety of specialties like physiotherapy for old people, pediatric, ‎musculoskeletal disorders, neuro rehabilitation, sport injuries rehabilitation, women health. ‎
The research in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation are vast that aim to support ‎interventions with scientific evidence. Therefore, the conference is an opportunity for learning ‎and discussing updates in the physiotherapy field and related rehabilitation specialties, as well ‎as translating the evidence into practice. ‎
His Excellency Abdulla Bin Sougat the Chief Executive Office of the Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid ‎Award admired the richness of the Emirates Physiotherapy Program with researcher and ‎experts in the field of the Physiotherapy and the variation of the conference between lectures, ‎workshops, and panel discussions. His excellency emphasized the award support for the medical ‎and health related sciences that benefit people in the community of the health-related field ‎within and outside the country.      ‎
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