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Hamdan Award for Medical Sciences honors Winners at the 13th ‎Students Scientific Conference at RAKMHSU 10 May 2023
The Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum ‎Award for Medical Sciences honored the best studies presented at the ‎‎13th Ras Al-Khaimah Medical and Health Sciences University ‎‎(RAKMHSU) Students Conference. The conference took place in the ‎presence of representatives of the Award and a group of university ‎officials, alumni and students.‎
Prof. Ismail Matalka, President, RAKMHSU expressed his heartiest ‎gratitude to the Award Board for the generous endorsement and ‎sponsorship of the conference’s awards. He confirmed that this annual ‎event has become a well-established tradition at RAKMHSU, devoted to ‎showcasing students’ research capabilities and creativity.‎
‎“Promoting scientific research is at the core of the University’s mission, ‎and as you are all aware, having a good foundation in research is ‎becoming a crucial component of many international residency ‎programs' entry requirements along with the academic profile”, he ‎added.‎
Prof. Manal Mahmoud Sami, Dean, Students Affairs and Head of the ‎Organizing Committee of the Students Scientific Conference said that in ‎this round, they proudly noted the   impressive research output of their ‎dedicated students, setting a record of 93 research projects to be ‎presented as oral/poster presentations, in addition to a video ‎competition. ‎
‎“We are happy to share also that the Conference featured for the first ‎time presentations of Systematic Reviews in addition to more focus on ‎experimental research and the role of AI in health care. In fact, the ‎overwhelming response of our students and the full support of the ‎University administration have inspired us to move forward in organizing ‎it at the National level next year”, she added.  ‎
H.E Abdullah bin Souqat, Executive Director of the Award expressed his ‎happiness for the success of the conference for the tenth year in a row. ‎He also stressed the keenness of the Award, to promote the culture of ‎scientific research and encourage research initiatives of young ‎researchers to create a new generation of innovators.‎
The conference concluded with announcing the names of the winners in ‎the categories of Graduate Research, Undergraduate students Oral ‎Presentation on lab based research, Undergraduate students Oral ‎Presentation on survey based research, Poster Presentations, and ‎Video competition.‎