1. Honouring outstanding achievements in the field of medicine
  • To honour individuals, universities, establishments and research centres all over the world for their outstanding achievements in the field of medicine.
  • To honour individuals who, in the past, have contributed to the alleviation of suffering by helping to provide medical care to the people in the UAE.
  • To honour individuals who provided voluntary humanitarian medical services with the objective of easing the suffering of people subjected to exceptional circumstances such as catastrophes, epidemics, famine or wars etc.


  1. To encourage the development of institutions dedicated to research and scientific method in the Arab world
  • Work towards lying down and develop a system to connect all services to support scientific research in UAE.
  • To create a suitable environment for young researchers.
  • Enhance work in order to establish an official base to finance and support youth.


  1. To enhance the relations between doctors inside and outside UAE in order to benefit from their expertise
  • Enhance Dubai image in international arenas and world medical organizations
  • Enhance relations with intersected relevant parties in the field of health services world -wide
  • Create opportunities and activate positive participation for all staff in medical field


  1. The support distinctive medical research and to encourage their publication in the Emirates Medical Journal
  • Develop and improve skills and potentials of the youth in the field of research to support their professional future and advancement of health services
  • Identify future leaders and develop them