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MEIDAM Conference kicks off 23 September 2021
The Director-General of the Dubai Health ‎Authority, Awad Saghir Al Ketbi, inaugurated the activities of the 6th Middle ‎East International Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine Conference & Exhibition ‎‎(MEIDAM), which is being held under the patronage of the Hamdan Bin ‎Rashid Award for Medical Sciences.‎
The opening took place in the presence of H.E Mirza Al Sayegh and H.E Dr. ‎Ahmed Al Hashemi, members of the Board of Trustees of the Sheikh Hamdan ‎Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Medical Sciences, Dr. Hussain Al Rand, ‎Assistant Undersecretary at Ministry of Health and Prevention, Dr. Ahmed Al ‎Mandhari, Director of the World Health Organization for the Eastern ‎Mediterranean Region, and Mr. Hussam Shaheen from the United Nations ‎High Commission for Refugees. More than 1500 doctors from 14 countries are ‎participating in this first in-person conference after the country recovered from ‎the Covid 19 pandemic, heralding the return of things to what they were before ‎the pandemic.‎
Dr.Khaled Al Nuaimi, President of the conference said, “We hold this assembly ‎in the presence of more than 1500 doctors, the participation of 14 countries ‎from all continents of the world, and more than 164 local, regional, and ‎international speakers. With the respectable presence of the World Health ‎Organization (WHO) as a global scientific leader in our conference, as well as ‎The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) as a global ‎humanitarian partner, we are honored to announce that the conference has ‎decided to allocate a considerable part of its income to support UNHCR in its ‎humanitarian programs in the Middle East, as part of the donation initiative ‎launched by the conference since its commencement, and to encourage the ‎culture of contribution in the region.” ‎
‎“The scientific agenda of the conference will consist of six parallel scientific ‎programs for three consecutive days, in which we will host strategic scientific ‎partners. The Schedule will also include workshops and scientific programs for ‎the participating societies.”‎
‎“We are also pleased to host the meeting of representatives of the dermatology ‎training program from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, through a ‎scientific public workshop, to interact with colleagues, exchange ideas and ‎gather perspective, and then make relevant recommendations, for the greater ‎good concerning the scientific experience of the new doctors and trainees, and ‎to enhance their efficiency and professionalism”, he added.‎
He confirmed that the conference will also include a full-day scientific program ‎dedicated to members of the “Arab Society of Plastic Surgery”, which‏ ‏gathers ‎the official societies of plastic surgery in the Arab world, to discuss the latest ‎developments and advancement in plastic surgery medicine.‎
‎“I am also honored to announce the launching of the "Middle East ‎International Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine - MEIDAM" as a non-profit ‎scientific organization, under the umbrella of‏ ‏Dubai Association Centre , ‎aiming to raise the level of training and scientific research in dermatology, with ‎the collaboration of the official scientific associations in the region and the ‎world at large”, the President of the conference continued. ‎
‎“What could be the most prominent event that the MEIDAM conference has ‎developed since its inception six years ago, is the ‘Entrepreneur Award’ which ‎was presented in appreciation to those who had a significant role in developing ‎the scientific research and enriched the medical sector in recognition for their ‎contributions.”‎
‎“Today, and with all gratitude, I am proud to present this year’s Award to the ‎late His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, may his soul rest ‎in peace, in honor of his generous life. We are sure his immense extent of good ‎deeds will preserve the memory of this great man that embodied a unique ‎combination of generosity and wisdom. He spared no effort in continuously ‎providing all resources to improve and develop the scientific and medical ‎sector. As we humbly present this Award to his pure soul, we can only feel ‎proud to have this opportunity to honor his virtues.”‎
The Director of the world Health Organization for the Eastern Mediterranean, ‎Dr. Ahmed Al-Mandhari confirmed the state`s control of the “covid-19” ‎pandemic, and the return of life to normal, calling on everyone to adhere to ‎following precautionary measures, especially since there are several countries ‎in which the vaccination rate did not exceed 20%.‎
Al-Mandhari said that the pandemic infected more than 226 million people, ‎and left more than 4.6 million deaths, and in the region the number of ‎infections has reached more than 15 million and more than 280,000 deaths, ‎and it still poses a great challenge to health authorities. He added that this ‎meeting of dermatologists from 41 countries in Dubai is clear evidence of the ‎UAE`s control of the epidemic.‎
Hossam Shahin from the United Nations High for Refugees Commissioner ‎said, “Today 82.4 million people around the world have been forced to flee ‎their homes, the highest number UNHCR has ever seen since its creation. Two ‎thirds of the forcibly displaced come from only five countries: Syria, ‎Venezuela, Afghanistan, South Sudan and Myanmar. 2020 had many ‎challenges and difficulties posed by the pandemic in various fields and at all ‎levels, without exception. The impact on refugees and displaced persons has ‎been significant, eliminating jobs and savings, causing widespread hunger and ‎forcing many refugee children to leave school permanently”.‎
‎“There was urgency to find a quick solution and develop new programs in ‎order to control the social and economic turmoil and provide the required ‎assistance to the vulnerable communities. UNHCR and its partners were ready ‎for the challenge, and in partnership with WHO, they increased the capacity of ‎the hospitals, medical centers and ICU’s, and support the national health plan ‎by raising awareness about Covid-19 and establishing Covid-19 isolation ‎centers to serve the Refugees and the internally displaced population. ‎Moreover, UNHCR provided emergency aid, provided services, and supported ‎income-generating activities in the most vulnerable communities, this wouldn’t ‎have been possible without the contribution of our strategic partners in the ‎government, private sectors and the generous donors In the light of the increase in need every day, we are fully aware that we are ‎still facing great challenges, so we rely on our partnerships to provide the ‎necessary assistance and emergency aid and services to continue our work and ‎response to the pandemic consequences and the excruciating living situation ‎that the Refugees are facing around the world”, he added.‎
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